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Coming Full Circle - Q&A Part C on The Last Post - Jan 2013

Hello There

Because of the response here are more questions and replies re the January 2013 Post 1 and some blog queries.

Q10. Geoff how does the weather and climate change factor in this Jan 2013?

GF. It adds to the cocktail of energies and you can see all the information how this relates in It really makes things awkward and difficult if you are sensitive to these energies, and of course although I feel climate change is Solar system wide, we still make it all the more unbearable by our 5% contribution of pollution etc.,. see also

Q11. You mention and take the numbers from the calendar of the West, what about the numbers of other calendars that do not follow these dates?

GF. I mentioned that the energies came in increments from 1967 to 1987 in January 2013 post 1 and that they are available anytime anywhere and anyplace from then onwards, in other words the electron volts that are along with the bio photons the carriers for this information. So the numbers are Universal and will flow into the receptive vacated system on different calendar dates. Say 13-12-13 and this in another calendar is 07-02-53 or some other dates, this would not make any difference.

Why is this so? The binary locks as were the triple locks are only 'KEYS' switches to certain PLANETARY, MILKY WAY, SUN AND MOON positions and alignments. So 13-12-13 could fall on the same day as the 07-02-53 and if it did not it would not affect or effect the planetary alignment. If I could research other calendar dates I could do the same for their dates.

Jewish calendar month Corresponding western calendar months in 2000
Nisan April May
Iyar May June
Sivan June July
Tamuz July August
Av August
Elul September
Tishri September October
Heshvan October November
Kislev November December
Tevet December January
Shevat January February
Adar February March
Adar Bet (Leap month) March April
As an example 2 Shevat 5773 would be the same as 13 January 2013. The binary double lock is available then to Jewish and Other faiths, with Atheists. It is a Cosmic / Solar system outpouring. Of course this is dependent on the receptivity and clearing of the sheaves to make available space whatever belief or faith. This is an example and the year 2000 would be adjustable with an updated calendar. I have this on information that the dates are correct and the chart an old issue.

The 3 and 2 locks are mere switches for an outflow of attenuated energies from planetary and Milky way' cocktails', the planets by their positions and alignments resonate, like chiming bells at different frequencies when the energies 'hit' them at differing speeds, amplitudes and so forth, these are then carried on the back so to speak by the electron volts etc., and then our atmosphere, then to the interfaces in our Auric sheaves. Depending on our development they are received or stored awaiting a vacated space facilitated by old worn patterns released. Full and New Moon are available world wise whatever the date.

Q12. In blogs way back you mention underlying energy fields that have discovered and how do they relate to the mix?

GF. Several blogs in articles such as this one; The interaction between random number generators and humans or animals is one form of psychokinesis. For a few years ago the issue 62 of "Net­work", the journal of the Scientific Medical Xetwork [38] contained a report about the experiments carried out by Dr. Rene Pooch, working at Fondation ODIER at Nantes. In these experiments chickens and rabbits apparently in­fluenced signals composed by a random-number generator for a robot close to them, and human subjects apparently influenced the movements of the robot even though its signals had been generated by a random-number com­puter program six months earlier.

Chickens stayed close to the robot "imprinted" on it as their mother and followed it about. The robot had a random-number generator inside it controlling its movements, which checks showed to be truly random. The chickens were then removed and one placed so it could see the robot but could not follow it. Under these circumstances the robot spent measurably more time close to the chicken than away from it. The effect was that the chick was influencing the robot's generator. The generator was then removed to a computer away from the experimental area. The same effect occurred. "Non-imprinted" chickens however had no apparent effect on the robot.

In the rabbit experiment, baby rabbits were frightened by the robot and kept away from it. When the rabbits' movement was inhibited, the robot's movements became non-random and it kept away from them. However, when one rabbit was starved and food was placed on the robot, this be­haviour was reversed and the robot brought the food to the rabbit. It was found that humans likewise could influence the robot.

Also humans were invited to influence the robot as before, hut in fact it was being driven by a code generated six months earlier and recorded on a CD, now being played back. The robot was influenced as ill thc contempo­rary study. The CD was then examined and it was found that the first half ' more available regarding rabbits and humans, send for PDF file by email or download.
Sir James Jeans 'Sir James Jeans, in an interview published in The Observer (London), when asked the question:

Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?


I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.

What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds. To this extent, then, modem physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes. Sir James Jeans addressing the British Association in 1934.

Finite picture whose dimensions are a certain amount of space and a certain amount of time; the protons and electrons are the streaks of paint which define the picture against its space-time background. Traveling as far back in time as we can, brings us not to the creation of the picture, but to its edge; the creation of the picture lies as much outside the picture as the artist is outside his canvas. On this view, discussing the creation of the universe in terms of time and space is like trying to discover the artist and the action of painting, by going to the edge of the canvas. This brings us very near to those philosophical systems which regard the universe as a thought in the mind of its Creator, thereby reducing all discussion of material creation to futility. Sir James Jeans "The universe around us" page 317
Then the L-Fields and Prof. Harold Saxton- Burr;

Dr. Burr discovered that all living things – from men to mice, from trees to seeds – are molded and controlled by electro-dynamic fields, which could be measured and mapped with standard voltmeters. These “fields of life,” or L-fields, are the basic blueprints of all life on this planet. Their discovery is of immense significance to all of us. Dr. Burr believed that, since measurements of L-field voltages can reveal physical and mental conditions, doctors should be able to use them to diagnose illness before symptoms develop, and so would have a better chance of successful treatment' More Information can be found in this link. It has been found that healthy cells have 60-70 micro volts; anything below this could present health issues.

Then an interview with Dr Graham Farrant; This fascinating interview shows the physical intelligence as it were to cells and sperm a kind of pre life agreement type scenario. In my work as a therapist I used similar type imageries in various circumstances and have Doctors witness their success. Especially in fertility issues and miscarriages, abortions.etc. I do not do therapy anymore.

This suggests to me that there are subtle energy fields below the threshold of everyday consciousness, and that in quiet times and meditation, sleep we may access these deliberately or randomly. With the upset or disturbance of the Schumann Resonance, the media and pollution issues, w it becomes imperative to meditate[see note in January 2013 Post 1 about meditation] and be sure to meditate and not other things like imagery, visualisation, prayer, pleading, mantra, yantra, hypnosis, auto suggestion and the like. By being in meditation we quieten down the 'ruffles' the eddy currents, the digital harmonics and make ourselves available to the incoming frequencies naturally without effort or endeavour.

These underlying fields therefore are in animals their natural vibrations and so they do not have the complexity of reasoning as we do, they have a natural ability linked to Nature and so therefore very powerful. When we domesticate them or impound them we do what we do to ourselves. We used to go to bed with Sun and rise with the Sun, our rhythms were in alignment with the Natural Universe. Modern Civilisation has altered this and out health issues are a consequence. Trying to adapt, other than going off grid complicates and causes confusion, we try Yoga, Taichi, Qi Gong, Meditation etc., and at the same time electronic fog and pollution with the new encoding energies, make the cocktail too strong for the body at times, and this could lead to serious health issues. The next few years will sort the wheat from the chaff.

The underlying field when the new process is fully installed will then upgrade and reconfigure these to a higher octave; hence the old emotional patterns, astral and psychic sheaves and stored graphics will have to burn off, this will then take us to a higher frequency and new underlying force field and information, i.e. clairaudience to telepathy.

Q13. Geoff where does Emoto and the German Professor from the Aerospace fit in with this?

GF. Very much to the fore. Homeopathy, water memory, food comes into the bio photon as in above in the January, March 2013 1, 2, 3, posts. Video of flower imprints in water. Also found in YOU TUBE.

Water when found on planets will have the imprint of memory of the planetary life. Water is another media that carries information. Consider the secret Life of Waves as mentioned before and see if you access them on BBC 4, also a ling in back posts recently.

Duration: 1 hour

Documentary-maker David Malone delves into the secrets of ocean waves. In an elegant and original film he finds that waves are not made of water, that some waves travel sideways and that the sound of the ocean comes not from water but from bubbles. Waves are not only beautiful but also profoundly important, and there is a surprising connection between the life cycle of waves and the life of human beings

Does A Surfer Ride The Water Or Energy?

From a surfer 'On a clear day we ride the energy not the water'.

Are we riding a set of super waves or wave which will takes us to the shore where the wave breaks and we transform into a new form?

To understand these see if you can get a DVD when it comes out or on your computer access BBC 4 Player. [Film that shows how ocean waves are not only beautiful but also profoundly important.

First broadcast: 02 Feb 2011]

The message from the video is the water was tracked from one shore to the other across the Atlantic, the water did not move as is thought, it was the energy that travelled through it, that gave the impression of the water moving'. The energy propelled the Wave, gave Life to It. In our Life are we an energy form appearing to be a wave yet really an energy being riding the tide of Life?

Q14. Do you have anymore scientific information about Crop Circles?

GF. Yes, this report by Dudley and Chorost. They are short lived and not dangerous and may be felt as some sensitives do on entering legitimate circles.

Q15. Geoff has sound and the planets got a healing quality and do they communicate by this resonance, as say a guitar string plucked can at another side of the room resonate another one, like say entrainment theory?

GF. In South America see the priest would look at the Aura of a patient, see the blockage and hold the gong to produce a note which would 'shatter' the block as it were, more like gradual dispersal. The hand altered the resonance at differing positions producing differing notes in accordance with the need. The planets in their differing sides or aspects to the Sun or Milky Way alter the resonance at the differing points of impact. It is known by NASA that the Moon rings as it were when hit by a large impact as does the Earth by a large Tsunami or Earthquake.

Entrainment done with pendulum clocks; a room was filled with differing pendulum clocks, lengths and speeds. After 24 hrs, the clocks all swung at one rate, at neither original speed, similar to women who live together often have their menses at the same time, after a while.

This then explains the attenuation and switching points of the triple and binary locks as well.

Q16. Hi Dear Geoff as you knows I am an astrologer and I am confused on two issues, as I am also a numerologist. I can find no astrology that matches your dates, and in numerology I cannot make head or tail of your explanations, dear friend I do not doubt your wisdom, as I have attended your workshops and am a friend. Thanks buddy.

GF. Perhaps I better recap on the numerology first. These numbers were given to me in the 1967 writings and they ONLY REPRESENT the mixtures of energies available on those dates, example full moon in any calendar date would still be full moon, so at say 13-12-13 or 2nd of whatever in any other calendar that binary lock energy would still be available. On December 21 2012 or any other calendar date, that solstice energy would still be available irrespective of the numbers at 12-12-12, the numbers are ENERGY SIGNATURES AND CODES FOR CERTAIN AMALGAMATED ENERGIES mixed by the planetary alignments, not astrological or astronomical.

Dear friend go back to Q14 THERE IS THE ANSWER. However I will elaborate. The alignment and ENERGY SIGNATURES ARE CONSCIOUSNESS OR INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION and therefore in a 'language' like say computer encoding, they are interfaced to facilitate language translation. Just as the body has its own Intelligence. 'Quote from Eckhart Tolle 'You didn't create your body, nor are you able to control the body's functions. An Intelligence greater than the Human Mind is at work. It is the same Intelligence that sustains all of nature------and the Universe'.

The Milky Way Centre is the guiding 'local Intelligence' that by encoded waves of energy in 'units and packets', quanta frequency designated and formulated to match the human evolving DNA in triple or double 'signals' that interlock with human frequencies and arrive on the dates given that match any calendar, as I live in the UK and it came to me in Scotland as described it was in Gregorian Calendar Form. Let's say I was in Israel and got it in Tevet or Kislev in 1967 or 5727, it would still have been the three monthly increments until 1987 or 5747. It would have been explained they were triple or double irrespective of the numerology, that there were 4 quanta packet of three and so on, it was where I got it, and it was explained the Gregorian was the easiest to explain it.

The cocktail of energies are derived by Cosmic Intelligence, the triggers which cause nature to awaken and seasonal cycles, this is a huge seasonal cycle. We know this has happened before and evolutionary and the Mayan calendar their dates differ from the Hebrew and Gregorian, yet the energies are still available in coded form and appropriate for the DNA evolution and codes at the time.

Regarding the alignments;

The alignments are not astrological or in the orbital sense astronomical. They rely on the angles and configurations, like the striking of the gong, it is about the 'pulses' of energy signals, frequency resonances emanating from the Milky Way Centre, that 'impact/hit that portion of the planet, like the gong and the priest's hand, that attenuates the energy and modulates it, transforms it by the 'passed' on message and by the mix of resonances, the orchestra of aligned 'faces' and facets, sends a cocktail of information to Earth and its relevant recipients.

Like Radio and TV frequencies, waves, many have to be sent to make an intelligent cohesive picture at the correct wavelength and amplitude and so to suit and be compatible to the decoder, our brain, the TV set have to be in sync, the same audible radio, mobile phone and such like.

The Power lines have to be transformed by local grids to mains 240 volts, and then we use transformers for charging small appliances so the planets transform these gigantic impulses to

Enable us to receive the information safely, even those, the energies of transformation can cause ascension symptoms and overwhelm to those sensitive to them.

These then are Galactic alignments which in its turn align with greater Intelligences and eventually beyond all form to that Intelligence which is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

To go even further a field and hinted at in the 1967 writings, the pulsars, quasars and constellations also add their mix, so that gamma rays mentioned in many back blogs, all like a giant cog network, a giant immense network, seemingly random, because of its immensity and like the quantum field has its own seeming rules, perplexing and intricate, yet highly seeming chaotically randomised and yet work beautifully, much beyond out local mini minds can grasp.
'for some unknown reason, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy shoots out an X-ray flare about once a day. These flares last a few hours with the brightness ranging from a few times to nearly one hundred times that of the black hole's regular output. But back in February 2012, astronomers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory detected the brightest flare ever observed from the central black hole, also known as Sagittarius A*. The flare, recorded 26,000 light years away, was 150 times brighter than the black hole's normal luminosity.

What causes these outbursts? Scientists aren't sure. But Sagittarius A* doesn't seem to be slowing down, even though as black holes age they should show a decrease in activity.'

Black holes are commonly classified according to their mass, independent of angular momentum J or electric charge Q. The size of a black hole, as determined by the radius of the event horizon, or Schwarzschild radius, is roughly proportional to the mass M through

where rsh is the Schwarzschild radius and MSun is the mass of the Sun. This relation is exact only for black holes with zero charge and angular momentum; for more general black holes it can differ up to a factor of 2.

Black hole classifications
Class Mass Size
Supermassive black hole ~105–109 MSun ~0.001–10 AU
Intermediate-mass black hole ~103 MSun ~103 km = REarth
Stellar black hole ~10 MSun ~30 km
Micro black hole up to ~MMoon up to ~0.1 mm
Hopefully buddy this can answer yours and others queries. Black Holes are considered to be drivers of galaxies and also their destroyers. Notice the regular cycle and rhythm flare of our one.

Figure 1 Radio Waves

Q17. Geoff I know from our conversations about the numbers I ask you a great favour, I understand what we said over the phone, and I tried to explain it to those I share your blogs with. Please could you do a write up as though it came from another calendar date and not refer to the Gregorian one at all, sorry old pal?

GF. OK I will, as this the third answer to this it seems I have caused more confusion than answers. Here goes. I am using a made up calendar. This one has 10 months and I will just use AA1 for the first month and BB2 for the second and so on.

On AA1 year 1 28th day a series of energies in a triple lock will be available to be inducted or awaiting induction. On BB2 the next year 26th day triple lock of energies will be available. These are representative of the three strand DNA, and so year 3,4, etc.

On AA1 23rd day say a few years later a double lock packet of energies will be available. On BB2 21st day another double lock will be available in the same year as AA1 at beginning of paragraph. These will include the 4 x 3 command Brain Neuropeptide commands and the number 12 as mentioned above and explanation, also the binaural binary code.

This is worked out by the positions of the planets in the above questions and are available anywhere on Earth on any given calendar dates that are on that day. IF there are no calendar dates, say a race in the Amazon, that energy would still be available to them whether they were conscious of it or not.

Evolution happens whether one is in touch with it or not. Your body intelligence takes you through birth to death in a non conscious way so to speak. This above is merely a Cosmic timetable of energetic wave energy events and I do not know why it was given to me in 1967, I only know I had to do it. Hope this helps.

Be Well. Geoff

This post concludes Geoff's writings on this site. We are privileged to have hosted Geoff's blog here for the 8-year period from Jan 2005 to Jan 2013. Geoff initially was not going to write any more as he felt he had come full circle back to his 1967 writings with the conclusion of the old world patterns at the end of 2012. More recently, however, he has decided to start his own website so that he can continue posting his thoughts and ideas to his loyal readers — after all, pioneering writers don't retire! You can find his new personal blog at

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Coming Full Circle — Q&A Part B on The Last Post - Jan 2013

Hello Folks

This is a continuation of the FAQ from January 2013 post 2.

Q6. Can you explain more about the numbers 12 in January 2013 post 1, reptilian mind I am confused by David Icke on this issue [not in post, would you mind please] also ET involvement?

GF. The number 12 add up digits is 3 [2+1], the 12 also has a double meaning in itself, 3 x 4 = 12.

Let us examine 3 first this relates to the 3 strands of the incoming DNA NOW IN Auric vicinity for many and in place for a few.

The division of 4 packets of 3 is to facilitate the cohesion and functioning of the introduction to the already existing DNA helix. It allows the 'mix' and the so called' junk' to amalgamate and flow, also to promote the new proteins and the command from the brain neuropeptide to RNA.

Stand alone 12 is the end of the year and the process for that year. It also relates to the constellations and planetary influences. Incidentally 3 is the link to heaven, Humanity and Earth as mentioned elsewhere.

The brain has gone through stages of development and it is said to have an 'ancient' brain of the reptilian formation.

David Icke is a fine and amazing person and in his work he portrays the reptile person as a shape shifter or those that feel they actually see the reptilian as a human. All views are accepted however, which one you feel to choose is up to you.

My view is that the neuronal network and its dendrites which act as triggers for stored hologram images, like pressing a button and your candy bar comes out from the vending machine, and I have long held the view that memory is held in hologram magnetic fields, similar to Dr Sheldrake's 'Morphic Resonance'.

So I feel some of the reptilian early memories float up by a

a trigger or an associative idea and the brain being a computer like function, like the TV, Radio, decodes the triggers and searches the 'internet' of your personal graphics and memories, and assembles the information to suit the purpose.

ET involvement is almost nil, the genuine ET is waiting in the wings for our DNA upgrade and we will be able to communicate more readily, more telepathically and the atmosphere more congenial forms for them. See my UFO STORY in Some contact has been made by ET to governments, however many ET messages are channelled by desperate entities of a psychic nature wanting to be a 'walk in' or possession. Wandering unhappy spirits. In an interview by
Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by:
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:
Lawrence R. Spencer
(Author of "The Oz Factors")
Which whistleblowers assure me is genuine [I have the interview which is lengthy in PDF form and can send by attachment in email, this is a nurse and a Roswell ET survivor] it mentions the 'the old Empire 'UFO and people who look like us. Some of these people still are around and have refused to interbreed with humans, live in secluded places and use vehicles like one sees in the Video 'Hangar 18'. Incidentally Hangar 18 in its original form had the ending changed, was taken off, the beings in it were authentic replicas, you will also hear the narrative which explains who they are, my UFO story identifies them, and a spoof one replaced it. I have an original.

As aside it is said by whistleblowers that these are real power behind the illuminate so called elite. I hold to this view.

Q7. What are the connection or interface and auric shields, New DNA and our reality, also the Stargate you mention?

GF. When we go into reality us and what is real becomes blurred. What we see is merely decoded frequency or vibration. It really is an illusion made to appear solid, real. Just as you cannot see the invisible programmes of TV, radio, computer, mobile phone and the like, standing in the garden, the train, in doors, only your TV etc., can decode them and by switching programmes in the TV one decodes another set of frequencies from the aerial. Our aerial are our senses physically and our intuition not to be confused by the computer

Figure 1 Vibrations outside the brain is all there is, the brain decodes them as whatever.

Function of searching through logical connections through the library of stored files and coming up with a logical, although seemingly original computation; this is special effects branch of the left brain.

The Auric shields that surround the human frame consist of

vibrating energy fields, which all matter is composed anyway, and as the energies are being upgraded, the emotional, astral, psychic an adjunct to the astral sheath are too dense, so they block the new shields or sheaths, they are not really shields, in so far as they only allow that which resonates with them through. So the higher frequencies are wearing them down, or burning them away. Depending on the 'letting go' process of the individual, so the new sheaves will appear as above in post March 2013 1.

So 'out there' there are perfect energy fields or blue prints for health, inspiration and so on already in existence [see back blogs on the Phantom Wave] but mind collective past debris, blocks the inflow. The interface is where each frequency as in standing waves meet and create the interference patterns which bring the 'understanding' of a picture, thought, emotion to so called reality.

Figure 2 Destructive is not a helpful phrase you need the connection of these wave.

It is at the point where they meet that INFORMATION is exchanged, it here the exchange brings forth the information to be decoded to form the reality AS FILTERED through one's programmes and conditioning. This point of contact is the interface.

Regarding the Stargate go to scroll down and on left is large caption 'Stargate'. My feeling is that if we do not make it en mass to the upgrade, those who do will spin away into a self created stargate, as the vibes will be too dense to survive. This is not death; this is a separate reality in a parallel Dimension/Universe.

Death is leaving this vibrational frequency of the human body, yet still with association to the 'old thought forms', that can 'drag' one back[reincarnation] to expiate unfinished business, or in some cases to free beings of their lack of awareness. Awareness is the key to freedom.

I appreciate some questions are repeated, yet I feel a detailed or different approach may clear this up as many requested a repeat.

Q8. It seems that we should be teaching our children about the illusion solidness as this may well stop the urge for hoarding and materialism, what is your view?

GF. Yes I agree. However, the real horror of war, poverty and atrocity only serves to want the sensitive people to cry out, escape and perhaps cave in and join the gang. It takes courage to realise all is a manufactured decoded bunch of frequencies, literally all in the decoded mind, within the screen of brain, a holographic ally projected set of magnetic vibrating fields causing a hologram of reality. It beggars belief and even when one sees it in a lab or a hologram laser show, most cannot relate this to themselves or the world about them as the 'real' reality. A huge clearance is needed to go beyond 'belief'.

We are back gain in the no explanations; no way can the finite mind define infiniteness. [This where some duck out, especially academics, or go slightly zany, and I know some go really crazy and commit suicide]. [It is a challenge to religions, reductionism and some Astrobiologist and Astrophysics', there must be an explanation, the Higgs Bosun, the next particle, the next, neat theory a mathematical formulae that explains it all, I'm safe then, yet each discovery brings more riddles, paradoxes].

Close-up photograph of a hologram's surface. The object in the hologram is a toy van. It is no more possible to discern the subject of a hologram from this pattern than it is to identify what music has been recorded by looking at a CD surface. Note that the hologram is described by the speckle pattern, rather than the "wavy" line pattern.

A speckle pattern is an intensity pattern produced by the mutual interference of a set of wavefronts.[1] This phenomenon has been investigated by scientists since the time of Newton, but speckles have come into prominence since the invention of the laser and have now found a variety of applications.

Figure 3 Compare this to hologram 'negative'

Figure 4 Now into digital holgrams. So we are getting more into frequency and the manipulation of what we perceive to be reality. Refer to the films the matrix and electronic diagrams in December 2012 log post 1. I mention how far we have come since these drawings, however the delivery is much the same, and refer to frequencies which target the brain, now in even MORE GRAPHIC PICTURESQUE PRESENTATIONS, taking one away from reality by the sheer illusion of it all.

From all of this above one can see how easy it is to delude those not familiar with illusion and reality. What is real then?

It is what one chooses to believe and those beliefs are the holographic world one chooses as one's reality compounded by agreement with others.

Clever scientific psychological manipulators ensnare the unwary into the trap of media 3D TV and the like, seducing and brain washing the unsuspecting asleep, seduced populace.

It takes a real shake up to awaken the living dead, and that might have to happen if the energies do not percolate through the layers of clogged up mind debris.

'"Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Battlestar Galactica" -- laser technology plays a pivotal role in science fiction movies and books. It's no doubt thanks to these sorts of stories that we now associate lasers with futuristic warfare and sleek spaceships.'

To most this seems impossible to break the deadlock between reality, non reality and the dread we are just an idea, a figment of either our own made up cultural conditioned upbringing, being slowly broken down into a world slave with McDonalds in India, China, all over, so to speak, a uniformity, ploughed into our minds by all the media, or some God who we are part of Its dreams. Or we sit at home determined to eat veggies, juiceing, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, TCM, Ayurvidic, meditate, and yet we seem in the minority, yet there is an awakening isn't there? The questions are too big, awesome, who made God, where is the end or the beginning.

Then comes that special moment when none this matters, we give up, we let go of the assumptions, the begging for an anwer, I want to know, I don't understand. We know there is change, the explanations are not needed and yet I feel lost, then the cave in and one resides in a no explanation mind free thoughtless and yet aboundingly clear and a dynamic awareness and that seems to suffice.

Q9. Please sum up again as short as possible 3 lock 2 lock?

GF. The triple 3 lock is the 3 strand new DNA sequence being inducted when space is clear. The 2 lock is the command sequence in the neurone brain network, so when clearance in both sites are vacant then the switch in the 2 lock sets the whole sheebang off.

Like a house being wired, when finally the installation is complete, the new mains switch is thrown.

As a house is being wired each room etc., is done in a process over time, old wiring stripped out, new fittings introduced and so on.

Contnuing March 2013 post 3.

Be Well. Geoff

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Coming Full Circle - Q&A Part A on The Last Post - Jan 2013

Hello Again

Trusting you are bright and perky.

I have had a big response from the previous January Post 1 'The Last Post' with many questions which I would like to answer in the next 3 posts (January Post 2, Post 3, Post 4). An excerpt from this as follows:
Monster" outflows of charged particles from the centre of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.
Compare this with 'An article by the Dailey Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.
They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts. Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts. To quote the article:

“Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…” [from January 2013 Post 1]
Q1. Can you explain the difference between the triple lock and Double or Binary Lock, it did not seem clear to me?

GF. The Triple locks are a set of codes, embedded in the signals contained in the bio photons sent to our solar system from the Centre of the Milky Way via modulations from planets, moon and our Sun.

They enter our Auric sheath awaiting space vacated by 'old outworn material' they are the new signals which are ready to replace the DNA systems. They are the third strand DNA waiting in the wings. Our conditioning, cultural background, programming, brain washing, hold up the clearing process, the pain of the detoxification [ascension/transformation process] example 12-12-12 –11-11-11 and so on. The bio photons are explained in and research by Fritz Albert Popp, Harold Saxton Burr and so on.

The Binary or double lock such as 13-12-13 -----14-12-14 and so forth till 31-12-31 are the embedded codes also in bio photons at a differing frequency to triple lock and especially encoded to effect, stimulate the corpus coliseum and create the bridge to the binaural brain. So the head pressures will be more acute as the neuronal network goes through its detoxification, this aided by meditation [see pitfalls in Jan 2013 post 1].

These are 'command 'sequences which will activate the new 3 strand DNA when it has been placed in the body so to speak and the space for it accommodated. The Halo or ninth Chakra is holding that information and that is why pressure seems to be at the Crown Chakra, as the 'weight' of the Auric field as it were is pushing the evacuation of old paradigms held in the brain network.

Figure 1 This portrays the thousand petal lotus of the crown chakra

Figure 2 The crown Chakra is said to interact with the brow and other small chakras.

Figure 3 Little humour to depict the halo.

As the process proceeds and more clearing is attained, then the gradual inception, like a percolation, gradually or suddenly in shifts of perception and intuition like experiences bring the process to completion.

Q2. What about the illuminate, the Bilderbugs, the so called elite and the energies, how are they affected or not, are they shielded, are they ET and are there Serpents as David Icke suggests?

GF. The elite so called are aware of the pressure and fear the loss of their intended power, wealth, one world government, they see the arising awareness, which is the awakening, the shift, and know it is about the energies clearing the old paradigms and opening the local mind to non local mind. The prison bars are dissolving, and the superglue of their strategies is FEAR.

They feel the pressure and this slow pressure is building up in them and they feel to tighten their grip and so the restrictive measures of human rights, culling our natural food and organic supplies, austerity measures, surveillance beyond what you can really grasp. Their auric fields are being compressed by the slow but relentless pressure, like water behind the wall of a dam that is slowly collapsing. So yes, they feel the pressure and need to be guarded by their private army and resist the pressure, they do this by luxurious comfort, live in fortresses, a luxury imprisonment in beautiful warm surroundings, yet queasy and uneasy at depth in them, eventually they will implode.

There are extraneous ET influences on Earth see my UFO s Story, mainly they are departed humans who roam the astral world seeking to possess and influence humanity and are masters at disguise and deception. Unfortunately many mediums, channellers and so on pick them up and say they are ET.
Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by:
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:
Lawrence R. Spencer
( Author of "The Oz Factors" )
This is a long interview given by this deceased nurse with an ET at the Roswell Incident. My whistle blowers tell me it is authentic. I have it on PDF and can send it to you by attachment with email. In it mentions 'the old Empire' which ties in with my UFO story and the film ' Hangar 18' which they had to alter the end as it was taken off and a spoof copy in its place. I have an original with the end changed. Yes so there is an ET influence by the old remnant who still survive, look like us, and live in underground complexes and are the 'first line' elite. Then there spurious channelling so called ET.

The reptilian or serpent is the first brain.

I feel the so called reptilian brain 'seeps' through into the neuronal networking and like the lust, warlike atrocities, the pillaging, rape and malicious cruelty, it fogs the and seduces by its sinuous, seductive and yet alluring powerful impact, like the smooth undulations of the desert snake, and the media seduction on TV, DVD, Cartoon, Newspaper, subliminal and hypnotic stuff going on now, especially with all the latest electronic gadgetry. This can cause a holographic type 'overshadow' in the mind and we see or think we see a person as a shape shifter and demonic reptile person. It is indeed a powerful hallucinatory 'snake serum' type of effect.

Snakes themselves, only bite in defence or for food. There are a few who will be a bit testy. Many wild life films depict snakes as rather docile until threatened. The way snakes sway and move is very beautiful and fascinating and of course they have bad press and biblical connotations.

Q3. Why did you insert a lot of 'Conspiracy Stuff' in you blogs and side issues?

GF. I did this to awaken people who did not know of these issues, to awaken them to the rut of just 'blindly conforming' and if they did not agree it gives folk something to ponder on, and can act as a seed to the future. Many of course will just dismiss the information and go on saying it is not logical or some other thing, and maybe some are right in this assumption, however, many a conspiracy theory has a grain of truth in it, and some true throughout. Some are deliberately put out to 'catch' or bait suspected whistle blowers or act to falsely disseminate facts in order to confuse. A divided populace and confusion is a policy of 'divide and conquer'. However, when in doubt who do you turn too? The expert, the consultant, and here I say 'Be still, breathe, let go and wait until a certainty whispers in the depth of your being then go on its guidance, learn to trust yourself.

Q4. Where do angels, ET and the messages from the energies or codes come in, and are there a chance we will not make it?

GF. There are many dimensions, and these are differing frequencies or vibratory rates, which all need decoders. Just as Radio, Mobile, Phones, TV's and so forth, even programmes within the TV, Radio ETC., have differing wavelengths, invisible to the human, yet though the aerial to the set they are decoded in the machine. Our brain actually decodes frequencies, what we really see and here are wavelengths, frequencies, what we see is or are decoded vibration, and this proves we perceive solidarity or solidness as reality, actually it jus moving particles of energy, whatever that is. So we live in a deceptive world ritght off, and the authorities make darn sure we do not become quantum aware beings. This is what we will become en mass hopefully.

Figure 4 If one could 'see' outside the decoder all there would be is a set of vibrations, wavelengths, frequencies, like wave in a pond. Can you see in your garden a radio, TV or Mobile Phone message without these instruments?

So angels and ET and all else are merely differing vibes, and if our decoders are compatible, configured to interface, we may pick them up. This can happen when our brain is tuned in to a differing vibe through trance, accident, trauma, meditation, Drugs or authority stimulation. Scroll down to see frequencies in diagrams and how they can stimulate the brain and 'switch on a programme. Sometimes the programmes are 'broadcast', nowadays, it is more like to have a' fear based' vibe at a certain chosen frequency to cause a deep trauma to arise from one's own unconscious repertoire or repository, which I call the ego or the mausoleum of the past.

There is a possibility we will not make it en mass, and that the authorities find a way of stifling the energy or rather modify it, as in the electronics above or through our water and food, now irradiation of food, pesticides, fluoride, mass young generation of mobiles, tablets and medication. Our immune systems get compromised. However, more and more are awakening, and even with poor air quality [chemtrails etc.] food, mind bending, and the incoming energies breaking through shattered auras through drugs, weakness, malnourishment and obesity, it may actually in some cases be beneficial.

The every trauma produced by the elite may shatter the illusions of many, however, many will be depressed and on anti depressants and other shockers, statins, beta blockers, and even these may in some be an awakener.

If the changes are not en mass by 20175, then we will have to wait for another opportunity when it comes round with the next set of super waves. There will also be those who 'spin off through a Stargate'

Q5. How do super waves and your Inverted V come into this context?

GF. The Inverted V, the Tipping Point, Prigogine dissipative Structures , Einstein-Bose Condensate, all go together along with super waves. Along comes Prigogine whose interest is in open systems. These systems constantly interact with their environment. They change, evolve and grow. Living organisms are of this kind. They are constantly in flux or equilibrium. They take on forms of light, heat, food, air and water and at the same shed their intake in the form of waste, carbon dioxide and various activities, and so are having to constantly adjust to their environment. This entails, healing, learning, growing changing.

There comes a point to chaos which is the tipping point and the tip of my Inverted V and the Einstein Bose Condensate.

'Prigogine's study of open systems was to understand how systems of sustainable and increasing order survived in a Universe that tends towards disarray and chaos. He found that open systems took in material but also had the ability to dissipate the entropy back to the environment. He called these structures dissipative structures. He found that all open structures in order to survive must constantly take and dissipate back to the environment; this means a constant flow of energy in and out of the system. In fact the system is the flow. Quantum physicists' of the mechanical branch of this science, uphold this view, that the universe is not one independent thing or set of things, it is indeed one of changing, flowing, evolving, intimately interconnected system of interactions.'

By the religions, science, medicine, politics and so forth being so entrenched then the dissipation is 'blocked, clogged' more in the brain than the body, however the brain, mind, body interface comes in here. The flow is impeded.

'These dissipative structures are therefore unstable and live in fluctuating environment but are supple enough to handle variations. The more structured and complex this system becomes the more entropy it must handle, and so dissipate more entropy to survive. This is a major and noted point. If the disturbing ripples, fluctuations, variances increase too much for the system to maintain from the environment and the system becomes more chaotic and entropic internally that is, then the system begins to crack up to the point where a slight touch can bring that system to a crunching stop. This Prigogine calls bifurcation point [split into two branches]. The system then has two ways to go. It goes bust completely and is non existent or it self organises or spontaneously reinstates itself. Amazingly this reinstatement or reorganisation is not associated in anyway it was before, and is not in the least associated or predictable from previous conditions. Like in quantum stuff only the probability is a possibility that an outcome may occur. This is a true quantum leap, a particle, a death and rebirth through quantum fluctuations. The new system then has the propensity to maintain and facilitate the fluctuations, the flow and input from the environment, which had caused the previous structure and system to breakdown. Prigogine's own words" the system escaped into a higher order". Out of the chaos and breakdown of the old system a new ordered system and is more highly evolved. In fact it has the ability to survive in the previous environment more efficiently. However, the same repetitive procedure will follow if the fluctuations prevail and put it in overwhelm and cause the chaos and breakdown. So evolving a higher order and advanced evolution again. The spiral of evolution follows this path.'

So it has been found by various institutions, such as The Monroe Institutions and holosync Bill Harris research and others that binaural beats, tones, cause fluctuations which 'cause the brain to evolve ' binaurally by forming you new dendrite and neuron connections and pathways.

So here we see from the July 2011 post the above.

The above is the inverted V on the left mega crisis on the right mega solution.

The below from my 1967 notes and October post 1 2011. Here I made a correlation between the Mayan Pyramid steps; the bottom of my V corresponds to the bottom of the Pyramid, the near top of the V corresponds to the March 8 2011, further up just below platform to October 28 2011 and the platform to December 21 2012. Which will be the Tipping Point and so on.

Figure 5 The Top of the of the Pyramid is my model the Tip Over Point, Prigogine Dissipative Structure, Einstein / Bose Condensate, and my Inverted V blue circle. The plateau at the top is the new synthesised way.

This also links up with Dr Carl Calleman's Charts.

March 2013 Post 2 will carry where this finishes.

Be Well. Geoff

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Coming Full Circle — The Last Post - January 2013

Hi Friends

This is the last blog entry I am going to make for a while. I feel that I have now come full circle, back to the information I received in 1967. It has been a long journey and I thank you for spending the time reading this blog. I may post the odd entry in the future, but for now I feel that things are complete with this latest entry below. I would like to take this last opportunity to go back to the 1967 writings.


As a reminder the 1967 writings came inspirationally as I stayed at Samye Ling at Christmas 1967.

Many of the prophesies have come to be correct, especially about the DNA energy inputs. Those who attended my workshops will have remembered the yellow leaflets which are shown in the links above. However to the next step.

All being well and we are or I am still here on planet Earth and surviving this next episode is as follows: - a number of dates were given, December 21 2012, as a switch and new era of consciousness imbued. Then 2013 – 2016 this period is two fold, first is the end or highlight of the Sun's 11 year cycle and if as usual, it enters a magnetic pole reversal and a quiet time with fewer sunspots, however, this could be unusual, depending on the rising consciousness of humanity and its contending with the opposite forces to destroy or delay it.

2016 is when the zigzag wobbles as the Earth transits through the Milky Way Centre.
'Earth won't physically cross the plane of our Milky Way galaxy in 2012. But Earth does cross the galactic equator in 2012. That's something we do every year – twice.'
This then puts into perspective the significance of Dec. 21 2012 as just another 'switch' however a very important one as in relationship to the 'galactic super waves' as explained in other blogs, and alignments which cause resonances, especially Voyager and its energetic feedback from deep space.

Then we see the number 12-12-12 and the hype about this, yes numerological wise numbers have sounds, frequencies and are key to resonances and sacred geometry. This is the triple lock and is related to the three strands DNA.

However I mention many times 2032, why so and its significance. Each set of combinations have key codes. To explain this: - 13-12-13, 14-12-14 15-12-15, and as the years progress we come to the final 31-12-31. So the octaves will have risen and that is the culmination of the keys and frequency codes. 31-12-31, from certain years there will only be two resonances, because the binary lock will be more powerful, than triple locks, which represent the three strand DNA upgrade.

I furthermore got that the DNA would be upgraded to three strands only [not twelve] and with 12 combinations of helix interweaving. [Three strands are mentioned in the crop circle at for a fuller explanation... A most amazing explanation by scientists and clear photographs----the face on Mars is mentioned.

Now we arrive at the year 2075 when the last two phases of the upgrade should be completed. 2032 to 2075 is 43 years and in this time the number 7 [add 4+3] comes in and then a new chakra system is installed along with the three strands, this should be completed world wise. The last 25 years till 3000 will be the 'grounding in and stabilising of the new system.' [new Chakra system is in place now and has been for sometime but not full activated, the infra red Chakra between the legs slightly towards the genitals, say six inches below genitals, and ultra violet about six to eight inches above the crown chakra]. In the system of Qi Gong human kind is the conduit from heaven to Earth as other systems relate as well].

Figure 1 Add two chakras as in above explanation

This then should give us as has been said many times, 'the New Aquarian Resurrection regenerated rejuvenated light body'. This body will be physical, may look heavier but will be more energy suffused, so will glow slightly and as years pass on will glow brightly and then perhaps, not be visible in this present light spectrum at all.

Furthermore the binaural brain as mentioned many blogs back would have completed its 'joining of the bridge the corpus coliseum' which ends the divide of duality[the binary lock] and brings the balance to Yin and Yang, left and right side brain, and ushers in peace and balance.

Steve Judd mentions this in his January 27 2011 blog.
95% of the neurons (the bits that trigger and fire information) in our brains are in the cerebral cortex, the thin brown layer of jelly that actually surrounds the brain, analagous to humanity's existence on the surface of the Earth. Linking the two hemispheres of the brain is a bunch of fibres known as the corpus callosum. It can be proved that in artists, musicians, left handed people and in those who are comfortable with being out of the norm that the corpus callosum is growing physically larger, and it appears within the last thirty or forty years that this growth increase is exponential, not only in these people but in all of us. The bridge between the left and right brains was the width of a thin pencil a hundred years ago, and I'm assured by a couple of mortician/pathologist clients of mine (really!) that in many people now this bundle of fibres is now the width of one's forefinger. This suggests to me that the interface between the left and right brain in most of us is now considerably more active than it was three or four generations ago. Of course this could be down to our diet.
And of course my now famous or infamous Inverted V, Prigogne Dissipative Structures, and the Einstein-Bose Condensate, The Tipping Point, all reaching their end product and the fruition of the process.

NASA –Geos-5 depicting Aerosols around world and their climate Affect. 1 ½ min.

When we become an energy being and on the journey to become such a being, our beliefs begin to fade and we are in the state of intuition where knowledge and wisdom are from source, we and the source, the infinite intelligence are one.

A baby mind, the kingdom of Heaven Within, no such indoctrination of religion, dogma, politics, and all the rest of human intricacies are apparent, there is awe and wonder. 'The Zen saying Show me who you were before you were born or who were you before you were born?' Also Who Am I? I am Me, Who is This Me?

Yes one can give an answer 'I am a child of God' 'I am a recycled being, a reincarnation of ------?' 'I am an energy Being' What this is, is the ego looking for a definition, I have defined God, I have put Eternity and Infiniteness in a safe description, I no longer have to be anxious about my true identity, my beliefs are all I need and if I hold tight and defend and then even unto death, then I know and I know-----or do I?

Being clear, having not a belief, even the belief in not having beliefs, and being comfortable with this I do not know, leaves one with an empty mind, not a vegetative blank mind, but an alert dynamic stillness, an awareness, a witness aware of itself, this feels as it is, free, calm yet dynamic, a potential, and in this there is the stateless state.

There are no definitions here, no formulae, and no rituals, not anything. Things arise spontaneously [beware of the false trap of impulse and imitations of the ego as over the top 'I am enlightened, at last free] as described by ancient teachers 'the mind is the tricky monkey and master impersonator'

Can you define the indefinable, can you encapsulate eternity, and can infiniteness be imprisoned by finiteness? The best is to imagine or try to understand these terms, and this is back in the realm of definition, the ego cannot stand not knowing, being unsure.

Perhaps an old saying that came to me years back in one of meditations, [a long story recounted blogs back] 'I know that I don't know, but when I need to know, I will Know'

Perhaps a look at the process as written since the blogs in 2005: These are all from the 1967 writings. The energies were incremental and in 1967 they came in 3 monthly increments. They were continuous from 1987 onwards and this had to do with a grand cross and harmonic convergence.

The information that the emotional, psychic sheaves around the Aura and contained in the auric sheath were to be burned off during the fire of the alchemic process, this will be completed in many by 2016. The reason for the burning off of these sheaves was to bring the octave higher as it were from psychic abilities such as channelling, mediumship, divination, and shamanism, magic as in white and black witchcraft to the telepowers i.e. clairaudience becomes telepathy/tele audience and so on, this means a direct at one with source and no intermediaries.

This was followed by detailed explanation how the energies actually physically worked such as the calcium thalamus cycle and so forth. The Schumann Resonance, Magnetosphere the diminishing Magnetic field, the magnetic pole shift, weather systems and solar influence on our physiology and health.

The main brief was to prove that science recognised these energies in some form many followed a sample:

An article by the Dailey Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.

They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts. Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts. To quote the article:

“ Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…” Another source.
2012 December 21st - Earth enters Photon belt

'The photon band is a quantum (smallest particle) of electromagnetic energy with zero mass-no electrical charge and an indefinitely long life time. This photon band was first discovered in 1961 by means of satellite borne instruments. About every 26.000 years our Earth travels twice through this higher frequency band, affecting the material world and our consciousness. In 1987 our Earth entered for the first time again in this band and every year she is moving in-and out with each year staying longer in this higher frequency band, as our solar system is travelling through this particular area within our Milky Way Galaxy. In December 2012 , according to Mayan calculations, our sun and Earth will be submerged within this band, without leaving again into the Galactic night.

It is the date when the Maya calendar ends and a new world begins. Mayor cycles are closing at the same time; one of 26.000 years, one of 104.000 years, and one of 225.000.000 years, giving birth to new species and a new Heaven and Earth. In December 1998 our sun entered for the first time again in this photonic band and has been prepared to adjust to this higher frequency. All what is happening outside is also happening inside of us. We are adjusting internally on a cellular level to the external change which is experiencing our solar system, and including our Earth.' NASA HAD ALWAYS DENIED THE PHOTON BELT AS A NEW AGE FAD.
Then for a few years NASA denied the existence of a huge Black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. This was found to emit massive energies and in my 1967 brief it said 'all stars and planets resonate and like cogs in a machine interact and cause change'. NASA admitted the findings and is seen in the blogs way back as well as admitting they hid the photon belt so as to not scare people. This Central Black Hole is the driver for our local solar system and portion of our Galactic Arm evolutionary process which it in its turn is driven by some other Universal Resonance.

This was then followed by my research and notes that the Sun emitted 'coded messages' through its CME's, HSS, Coronal and Space wind. The start of my STARGATE THEORY elaborated in a back blog and tested in a laboratory. See also Nassim Haramein in a similar concept. 'Nassim Haramein / Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - the second part of this lecture, another 4 hours, is nothing short of astonishing in its implications. Also shows some remarkable footage of objects entering the sun and massive comets just missing it [at the 4 hour mark]. Scroll down.

Galactic Superwaves, Catastrophe and 2012 (Jul 2008)

An interview with physicist Paul LaViolette in which he describes his idea of how star alignments and cosmic explosions have fundamental impacts on Earth's geology and on human civilisation. See also: Part 2 and Part 3. In same link.

Following on from this was global warming, and NASA and other authorities showed the changes in and on all the planets, showing the solar system and beyond were and are going through and evolutionary cyclic change.

There is so much more contained in the blogs from 2005 until now, the above is but a glimpse and synopsis.

There will be more to add as I sift through paragraphs and it sparks off ideas and inspiration.

Then it went into chemicals, neuropeptides, and the way the mind /consciousness 'talks' to cells in trillions of chemicals a second in a neuro peptide cascade. How the cells become addicted to the programmes which have been ingrained or programmed in the neuron network and in their turn shape or prescribe the cocktail of chemicals which the cell receptors allow 'in', so the addiction is formed. When the new 'signals hit the brain' through a detailed process described in back blogs, they change the chemical concoction, causing withdrawal symptoms, similar to detoxification, these are the transformation systems and ascension process. The new pathways then give clear passage to Kundulini, Chi, Ki, and Prana which in turn unblock the debris of accumulated thought mass deposited by erroneous thought programming in the body and meridians, chakras etc, clearing the debris of the past. This in its turn can cause the customary ascension systems as listed elsewhere.

So where are we now? The triple lock has produced the necessary placement of the NEW DNA in the AURIC SHEATH, in our Auras. This was and is in place NOW and the process ended December 21 2012. HOWEVER, the emotional/psychic sheath has to be burnt away in order for the DNA OF THE NEW DISPENSATION to make space for it. So as MUCH AS THE CLEARING IS ACCOMPLISHED SO THE FACILITY OF THE VACATED OLD PATTERNS allow the new to flow in. It is proportional to clearing, more out---more in.

The binary lock will facilitate the brain to become binaural; this will accept in proportion to the clearing of old worn out neural 'codes, programmes, patterns, dogmas, enigmas' doctrines, paradigms rituals and cultural dominations'. As the new encoded signals register with the 'consciousness within the brain' the local brain consciousness expands to non local consciousness, bearing in mind the brain is a decoder, and a broadcaster and receiver [see Dr Dean Raidin. Dr Bruce Lipton and many, many others], the programmes which imprisoned, encapsulated the mind, expands, due the fact that the logical constricting left brain is gradually opening to the creative, cosmic seemingly non logical, the fusion will have the best of both worlds. The binary or double lock of the binaural brain in proportion to its 'bridging' and sharing will then bring in more of the NEW DNA UPGRADES INTO THE PHYSICAL ARENA, the body. This has to be configured and 'gotten used to' by the recipient.

The most VALUABLE asset to provide the intake and change is MEDITATION. [Not imagery, visualisation, auto suggestion, hypnosis, affirmations, mantra, yantra, chanting, channelling, prayer, religious study and ritual, pleading and so forth] to be still, witness, breathe and watch and are alert and aware. Awareness without bias, attention without intention, looking without judgement.

So the NEW patterns of the DNA await in energetic form if the Aura has not cleared out its unwanted lower frequency psychic/astral/emotional sheaves, which when vacated let in the new interfaces to become so called' solid DNA', HENCE LESS DENSE, SO more apparent 'body glow' as above. The body is less dense, vibrates at a higher frequency, and may appear to be larger. It will become in years ahead according to the evolutionary codes and ET original hybrid alteration either very tall or relatively short. The blog was devoted to the UFO story, and mentions the hybrid stuff. a synopsis of a weekends worth of workshop. See CV at beginning of the blogs introduction.

There were some mentions in the blogs about the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve which depicts how the symbolic language of the Eden scenario translated scientifically, Moses, Samaria, and various artefacts, skulls and radio active sites discovered by Archaeologists, the cover ups, pyramids and technology, ley lines and so much more. [Like the conspiracies of medical, financial, political, religious and huge rape of the Earth and her populace].

The Russian scientists discovered the Phantom Wave a captured frequency which can literally cure any health problems: it depicts that our 'perfect DNA ' IS IN THE QUANTUM FIELD, Space and can be downloaded and we can 'talk to our DNA', many free energy devices, travelling to planets already claimed by whistle blowers, Dr Percy Seymour and astrology and my theory of the attenuation of planets as regards to Astrology and my view of the Chakras.

This then is a snippet, a précis, at best a synopsis of a large blog offering and unfolding story of which much has come about.

Thank you for your support. Geoff

This post concludes Geoff's writings on this site apart from 3 more which are Q&As on this post. We are privileged to have hosted Geoff's blog here for the 8-year period from Jan 2005 to Jan 2013. Geoff initially was not going to write any more as he felt he had come full circle back to his 1967 writings with the conclusion of the old world patterns at the end of 2012. More recently, however, he has decided to start his own website so that he can continue posting his thoughts and ideas to his loyal readers — after all, pioneering writers don't retire! You can find his new personal blog at