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Coming Full Circle - Q&A Part A on The Last Post - Jan 2013

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I have had a big response from the previous January Post 1 'The Last Post' with many questions which I would like to answer in the next 3 posts (January Post 2, Post 3, Post 4). An excerpt from this as follows:
Monster" outflows of charged particles from the centre of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.
Compare this with 'An article by the Dailey Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.
They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts. Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts. To quote the article:

“Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…” [from January 2013 Post 1]
Q1. Can you explain the difference between the triple lock and Double or Binary Lock, it did not seem clear to me?

GF. The Triple locks are a set of codes, embedded in the signals contained in the bio photons sent to our solar system from the Centre of the Milky Way via modulations from planets, moon and our Sun.

They enter our Auric sheath awaiting space vacated by 'old outworn material' they are the new signals which are ready to replace the DNA systems. They are the third strand DNA waiting in the wings. Our conditioning, cultural background, programming, brain washing, hold up the clearing process, the pain of the detoxification [ascension/transformation process] example 12-12-12 –11-11-11 and so on. The bio photons are explained in and research by Fritz Albert Popp, Harold Saxton Burr and so on.

The Binary or double lock such as 13-12-13 -----14-12-14 and so forth till 31-12-31 are the embedded codes also in bio photons at a differing frequency to triple lock and especially encoded to effect, stimulate the corpus coliseum and create the bridge to the binaural brain. So the head pressures will be more acute as the neuronal network goes through its detoxification, this aided by meditation [see pitfalls in Jan 2013 post 1].

These are 'command 'sequences which will activate the new 3 strand DNA when it has been placed in the body so to speak and the space for it accommodated. The Halo or ninth Chakra is holding that information and that is why pressure seems to be at the Crown Chakra, as the 'weight' of the Auric field as it were is pushing the evacuation of old paradigms held in the brain network.

Figure 1 This portrays the thousand petal lotus of the crown chakra

Figure 2 The crown Chakra is said to interact with the brow and other small chakras.

Figure 3 Little humour to depict the halo.

As the process proceeds and more clearing is attained, then the gradual inception, like a percolation, gradually or suddenly in shifts of perception and intuition like experiences bring the process to completion.

Q2. What about the illuminate, the Bilderbugs, the so called elite and the energies, how are they affected or not, are they shielded, are they ET and are there Serpents as David Icke suggests?

GF. The elite so called are aware of the pressure and fear the loss of their intended power, wealth, one world government, they see the arising awareness, which is the awakening, the shift, and know it is about the energies clearing the old paradigms and opening the local mind to non local mind. The prison bars are dissolving, and the superglue of their strategies is FEAR.

They feel the pressure and this slow pressure is building up in them and they feel to tighten their grip and so the restrictive measures of human rights, culling our natural food and organic supplies, austerity measures, surveillance beyond what you can really grasp. Their auric fields are being compressed by the slow but relentless pressure, like water behind the wall of a dam that is slowly collapsing. So yes, they feel the pressure and need to be guarded by their private army and resist the pressure, they do this by luxurious comfort, live in fortresses, a luxury imprisonment in beautiful warm surroundings, yet queasy and uneasy at depth in them, eventually they will implode.

There are extraneous ET influences on Earth see my UFO s Story, mainly they are departed humans who roam the astral world seeking to possess and influence humanity and are masters at disguise and deception. Unfortunately many mediums, channellers and so on pick them up and say they are ET.
Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by:
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:
Lawrence R. Spencer
( Author of "The Oz Factors" )
This is a long interview given by this deceased nurse with an ET at the Roswell Incident. My whistle blowers tell me it is authentic. I have it on PDF and can send it to you by attachment with email. In it mentions 'the old Empire' which ties in with my UFO story and the film ' Hangar 18' which they had to alter the end as it was taken off and a spoof copy in its place. I have an original with the end changed. Yes so there is an ET influence by the old remnant who still survive, look like us, and live in underground complexes and are the 'first line' elite. Then there spurious channelling so called ET.

The reptilian or serpent is the first brain.

I feel the so called reptilian brain 'seeps' through into the neuronal networking and like the lust, warlike atrocities, the pillaging, rape and malicious cruelty, it fogs the and seduces by its sinuous, seductive and yet alluring powerful impact, like the smooth undulations of the desert snake, and the media seduction on TV, DVD, Cartoon, Newspaper, subliminal and hypnotic stuff going on now, especially with all the latest electronic gadgetry. This can cause a holographic type 'overshadow' in the mind and we see or think we see a person as a shape shifter and demonic reptile person. It is indeed a powerful hallucinatory 'snake serum' type of effect.

Snakes themselves, only bite in defence or for food. There are a few who will be a bit testy. Many wild life films depict snakes as rather docile until threatened. The way snakes sway and move is very beautiful and fascinating and of course they have bad press and biblical connotations.

Q3. Why did you insert a lot of 'Conspiracy Stuff' in you blogs and side issues?

GF. I did this to awaken people who did not know of these issues, to awaken them to the rut of just 'blindly conforming' and if they did not agree it gives folk something to ponder on, and can act as a seed to the future. Many of course will just dismiss the information and go on saying it is not logical or some other thing, and maybe some are right in this assumption, however, many a conspiracy theory has a grain of truth in it, and some true throughout. Some are deliberately put out to 'catch' or bait suspected whistle blowers or act to falsely disseminate facts in order to confuse. A divided populace and confusion is a policy of 'divide and conquer'. However, when in doubt who do you turn too? The expert, the consultant, and here I say 'Be still, breathe, let go and wait until a certainty whispers in the depth of your being then go on its guidance, learn to trust yourself.

Q4. Where do angels, ET and the messages from the energies or codes come in, and are there a chance we will not make it?

GF. There are many dimensions, and these are differing frequencies or vibratory rates, which all need decoders. Just as Radio, Mobile, Phones, TV's and so forth, even programmes within the TV, Radio ETC., have differing wavelengths, invisible to the human, yet though the aerial to the set they are decoded in the machine. Our brain actually decodes frequencies, what we really see and here are wavelengths, frequencies, what we see is or are decoded vibration, and this proves we perceive solidarity or solidness as reality, actually it jus moving particles of energy, whatever that is. So we live in a deceptive world ritght off, and the authorities make darn sure we do not become quantum aware beings. This is what we will become en mass hopefully.

Figure 4 If one could 'see' outside the decoder all there would be is a set of vibrations, wavelengths, frequencies, like wave in a pond. Can you see in your garden a radio, TV or Mobile Phone message without these instruments?

So angels and ET and all else are merely differing vibes, and if our decoders are compatible, configured to interface, we may pick them up. This can happen when our brain is tuned in to a differing vibe through trance, accident, trauma, meditation, Drugs or authority stimulation. Scroll down to see frequencies in diagrams and how they can stimulate the brain and 'switch on a programme. Sometimes the programmes are 'broadcast', nowadays, it is more like to have a' fear based' vibe at a certain chosen frequency to cause a deep trauma to arise from one's own unconscious repertoire or repository, which I call the ego or the mausoleum of the past.

There is a possibility we will not make it en mass, and that the authorities find a way of stifling the energy or rather modify it, as in the electronics above or through our water and food, now irradiation of food, pesticides, fluoride, mass young generation of mobiles, tablets and medication. Our immune systems get compromised. However, more and more are awakening, and even with poor air quality [chemtrails etc.] food, mind bending, and the incoming energies breaking through shattered auras through drugs, weakness, malnourishment and obesity, it may actually in some cases be beneficial.

The every trauma produced by the elite may shatter the illusions of many, however, many will be depressed and on anti depressants and other shockers, statins, beta blockers, and even these may in some be an awakener.

If the changes are not en mass by 20175, then we will have to wait for another opportunity when it comes round with the next set of super waves. There will also be those who 'spin off through a Stargate'

Q5. How do super waves and your Inverted V come into this context?

GF. The Inverted V, the Tipping Point, Prigogine dissipative Structures , Einstein-Bose Condensate, all go together along with super waves. Along comes Prigogine whose interest is in open systems. These systems constantly interact with their environment. They change, evolve and grow. Living organisms are of this kind. They are constantly in flux or equilibrium. They take on forms of light, heat, food, air and water and at the same shed their intake in the form of waste, carbon dioxide and various activities, and so are having to constantly adjust to their environment. This entails, healing, learning, growing changing.

There comes a point to chaos which is the tipping point and the tip of my Inverted V and the Einstein Bose Condensate.

'Prigogine's study of open systems was to understand how systems of sustainable and increasing order survived in a Universe that tends towards disarray and chaos. He found that open systems took in material but also had the ability to dissipate the entropy back to the environment. He called these structures dissipative structures. He found that all open structures in order to survive must constantly take and dissipate back to the environment; this means a constant flow of energy in and out of the system. In fact the system is the flow. Quantum physicists' of the mechanical branch of this science, uphold this view, that the universe is not one independent thing or set of things, it is indeed one of changing, flowing, evolving, intimately interconnected system of interactions.'

By the religions, science, medicine, politics and so forth being so entrenched then the dissipation is 'blocked, clogged' more in the brain than the body, however the brain, mind, body interface comes in here. The flow is impeded.

'These dissipative structures are therefore unstable and live in fluctuating environment but are supple enough to handle variations. The more structured and complex this system becomes the more entropy it must handle, and so dissipate more entropy to survive. This is a major and noted point. If the disturbing ripples, fluctuations, variances increase too much for the system to maintain from the environment and the system becomes more chaotic and entropic internally that is, then the system begins to crack up to the point where a slight touch can bring that system to a crunching stop. This Prigogine calls bifurcation point [split into two branches]. The system then has two ways to go. It goes bust completely and is non existent or it self organises or spontaneously reinstates itself. Amazingly this reinstatement or reorganisation is not associated in anyway it was before, and is not in the least associated or predictable from previous conditions. Like in quantum stuff only the probability is a possibility that an outcome may occur. This is a true quantum leap, a particle, a death and rebirth through quantum fluctuations. The new system then has the propensity to maintain and facilitate the fluctuations, the flow and input from the environment, which had caused the previous structure and system to breakdown. Prigogine's own words" the system escaped into a higher order". Out of the chaos and breakdown of the old system a new ordered system and is more highly evolved. In fact it has the ability to survive in the previous environment more efficiently. However, the same repetitive procedure will follow if the fluctuations prevail and put it in overwhelm and cause the chaos and breakdown. So evolving a higher order and advanced evolution again. The spiral of evolution follows this path.'

So it has been found by various institutions, such as The Monroe Institutions and holosync Bill Harris research and others that binaural beats, tones, cause fluctuations which 'cause the brain to evolve ' binaurally by forming you new dendrite and neuron connections and pathways.

So here we see from the July 2011 post the above.

The above is the inverted V on the left mega crisis on the right mega solution.

The below from my 1967 notes and October post 1 2011. Here I made a correlation between the Mayan Pyramid steps; the bottom of my V corresponds to the bottom of the Pyramid, the near top of the V corresponds to the March 8 2011, further up just below platform to October 28 2011 and the platform to December 21 2012. Which will be the Tipping Point and so on.

Figure 5 The Top of the of the Pyramid is my model the Tip Over Point, Prigogine Dissipative Structure, Einstein / Bose Condensate, and my Inverted V blue circle. The plateau at the top is the new synthesised way.

This also links up with Dr Carl Calleman's Charts.

March 2013 Post 2 will carry where this finishes.

Be Well. Geoff

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